Our Cooking Classes...

With our help you will be able to cook the dishes you want. Three hours to run together in front of the stove, tasting a good glass of wine.
All the secrets of fresh handmade pasta, the typical sauces of tuscan tradition, the perfect cooking of the meat including game, lots of sweets will be unveiled to turn you into chefs.
You will bring back in your houses recipes, flavors and many wonderful memories of our beautiful Tuscany. The cooking class ends with a meal to taste the dishes you prepared.
On request is organized Cooking Classes for children wo can become chefs for a day betweenfresh pasta, cookies and cakes. Special Pizza cooking Class.
Quotation for each service

Here some examples of what we can teach you...

Cooking class for adults (wine is not included) Lunch from 10 am lasting 4 hours - Dinner from 5 pm lasting 4 hours

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Cooking class children (drink included) From 3 pm until 6 pm lasting 3 hours

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You can choice between, fresh pasta, biscuits, cupcakes, sweets of your choice.

Example of cooking class for adults
One choice for each category, 3 portions in total:


- Pici all'aglione
- Tagliatelle al sugo toscano
- Pici cacio e pepe
- Ravioli di ricotta fresca con sugo di stagione

Second course

- Pollo alla cacciatora
- Tacchino salvia cotone latte
- Polpa di maiale alle erbe dell'orto con aceto balsamico
- Cinghiale alla cacciatora (ordinare una settimana prima)
(Contorni di stagione accompagnano ogni piatto)

- Tiramisu
- Crema con gli amaretti
- Zuppa inglese
- Cantucci Toscani

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